The NEcOLEAP project led by Meyer Turku has received a large number of project proposals – the project’s goal is to build a climate-neutral cruise ship

Press release 1.6.2022

The compilation of Meyer Turku’s NEcOLEAP lead project ecosystem has been cruising in tailwind. More than a hundred project proposals have been recieved and four projects have already started moving forward. Ilkka Rytkölä, NEcOLEAP Program Director at Meyer Turku, is pleased to say that the project has evoked even more interest in potential partners than anticipated. NEcOLEAP’s cost estimate is approximately 160 MEUR.

In February Meyer Turku was selected to take part in Business Finland’s financing project for leading companies and their partner ecosystems, which aims to help companies to increase their RDI investments in Finland. Meyer’s NEcOLEAP project develops carbon-neutral and sustainable technological solutions for cruise ships through an extensive partnership network. The goal is to secure a billion-order cruise ship order for Turku Shipyard. The order would provide Meyer Turku and its ecosystem of partners approximately 9,500 jobs.

Today and tomorrow Meyer Turku will introduce the NEcOLEAP project and discuss its rapid progress at the Navigate 2022 trade exhibition, which is a major international event for maritime industry and shipping at the Turku Fair Center. Meyer Turku’s stand is B/62. The program’s web pages were opened today at

A program worth 160 MEUR

The cost estimate of the NEcOLEAP project is approximately EUR 160 million, of which Business Finland’s financial contribution to Meyer is EUR 20 million and Meyer Turku’s own contribution is EUR 40 million. Business Finland has also set aside EUR 50 million for companies, research institutes and universities involved in the ecosystem. The partners’ self financing contribution is also approximately EUR 50 million.

Ilkka Rytkölä states that the lead program has been well received and has aroused widespread interest in companies, research institutes and universities in the field.

– In the NEcOLEAP program, we research and develop climate-neutral and sustainable solutions for cruise ships and their construction together with the Finnish shipbuilding ecosystem. At Navigate we are expanding this network for real. A large number of new interested companies and organizations have contacted us beforehand. We have already approved four projects for the program, and those are now in the process of being approved by Business Finland. Our goal is to bring together a team of 1,500 innovative and courageous partners, says Rytkölä.

An extensive and innovative ecosystem

The NEcOLEAP program’s research and development topics will focus on four areas: the cruise ship itself, the shipyard’s operations, i.e. shipbuilding, and the introduction of smart technologies and the open-minded professionals of the future.

– For exemple, we have approved the Turku University of Applied Sicences’ certified virtual training developmet project. Virtuality is a part of the programme’s development and adoption of digital and new technologies in the shipbuilding industry. Other approved projects are related to advanced steel structure solutions and optimizig energy consumption. A key project is related to future research, from which we will obtain data to use as a basis for decision-making. So, the participants of the project can be large projects of the million scale or smaller ones with significance for the whole, Ilkka Rytkölä clarifies the contents of the funding program.

Rytkölä states that in addition to Meyer Turku’s solid existing partnership network, the cooperation network can be expanded to include completely new areas of development. In addition to environmentally friendly energy solutions, the project will enable exploration of circular economy solutions as well as resource efficiency of materials. The goal is to find the most inventive solutions and innovative technologies.

What Business Finland is looking for is that the chosen lead companies can, with the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) funding, start significant green transition -related R&D initiatives in Finland. These initiatives have a major impact on the well-being of Finns in terms of employment and business development. For Meyer Turku, the program also means a way to meet its customers’ strategic sustainability goals.

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NEcOLEAP Program Director

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