NEcOLEAP in a nutshell

NEcOLEAP is a research and development project which aims to secure the competitiveness of the Finnish shipbuilding industry and high-level cruise ship expertise and know-how also in the future.

NEcOLEAP brings together representatives of companies, universities, and research institutes to develop innovative and responsible technology solutions on a global scale. The R&D topics of the project focus on four key areas: the ship itself, shipbuilding, smart technologies, and future drivers.


Hiilineutraali horisontti – kiertue 2024

Katso milloin Hiilineutraali horisontti –kiertue saapuu talven ja kevään 2024 aikana omalle paikkakunnallesi! Hiilineutraali horisontti on osa Merimerkit-ryhmähankkeen (R-00018) toteutusta. Tilaisuude…

Virtual Sea Trial develops virtual commissioning and testing technologies to shorten sea trials

Business Finland has approved a new Necoleap co-innovation project in November 2023 and the project was kicked off this week. Virtual Sea Trial is coordinated by Novia University of Applied Sciences a…


Application process

1. Check out the roadmap»

2. Contact us to join the Necosystem»

. . . . .

3. Fill in the application form in Necosystem

4. NEcOLEAP reviews the idea

5. Approval of the application