NEcOLEAP in a nutshell

The NEcOLEAP research and development project brings together representatives of companies, universities, and research institutes to develop innovative and responsible technology solutions on a global scale that aims to secure the competitiveness of the Finnish shipbuilding industry and high-level cruise ship expertise and know-how also in the future. The R&D topics of the project focus on four key areas: the ship itself, shipbuilding, smart technologies, and future drivers.


Light Steel Structure — a breakthrough in steel structures

In the green transition project NEcOLEAP, our goal is defined as as strengthening and expanding the innovative research and development work of the shipbuilding ecosystem. One of NEcOLEAP’s most…

The NEcOLEAP project led by Meyer Turku has received a large number of project proposals – the project’s goal is to build a climate-neutral cruise ship

The compilation of Meyer Turku’s NEcOLEAP lead project ecosystem has been cruising in tailwind. More than a hundred project proposals have been recieved and four projects have already started moving f…


Application process

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4. NEcOLEAP reviews the idea

5. Approval of the application