The NEcOLEAP research and development project brings industry trailblazers together to build a climate-neutral cruise ship

Cruise ships play an important role in the tourism industry. Meyer Turku’s share of the global cruise construction market is about 15%. Succeeding in the fiercely competitive environment of the maritime cluster requires a new way of operating and networking for Meyer Turku to receive climate-neutral cruise ship orders within the coming years.

The NEcOLEAP research and development project brings together representatives of companies, universities, and research institutes to develop innovative and responsible technology solutions on a global scale that aims to secure the competitiveness of the Finnish shipbuilding industry and high-level cruise ship expertise and know-how also in the future. The R&D topics of the project focus on four key areas: the ship itself, shipbuilding, smart technologies, and future drivers.

Meyer Turku is an industry leader in product and technology development in the marine industry. Through its multidisciplinary partnership network, the company is able to meet the challenges of the sector’s energy, climate and digitalisation challenges. A billion-dollar cruise ship order will result in approximately 9,500 jobs for the shipyard and its ecosystem or partners. The direct employment impact will be approximately 12,000 person-years. The results of the NEcOLEAP project provide a direction for the shipbuilding industry in terms of long-term environmental responsibility actions.

The key objectives of the NEcOLEAP project are:

  1. Strengthening and expanding innovative research and development within the shipbuilding ecosystem.
  2. Utilization of intelligent technologies throughout the life cycle of a ship.
  3. Adapting the business towards the green transition and meeting the demands of climate action.
  4. Development of a climate-neutral cruise ship concept by 2025.
  5. Achieving carbon neutral shipbuilding by 2030.
  6. Meeting the demands of customers’ responsibility strategies.

A program worth 160 MEUR

The cost estimate of the NEcOLEAP project is approximately EUR 160 million, of which Business Finland’s financial contribution to Meyer is EUR 20 million and Meyer Turku’s own contribution is EUR 40 million. Business Finland has also set aside EUR 50 million for companies, research institutes and universities involved in the ecosystem. The partners’ self financing contribution is also approximately EUR 50 million.