How to join?

Welcome to NEcOLEAP!

If you have an interesting idea for a project, you have the possibility to be invited as an Necosystem partner (Teams based collaborate platform) and apply for funding from Business Finland.

What kind of projects can apply for funding?

Companies can apply for funding:​

  • For a co-innovation joint project between companies or companies and research organizations ​
  • For their own research and development project

Research organizations can apply for funding:​

  • For a co-innovation joint project between a research organization and companies​
  • For an individual research project or a co-innovation research project of several research entities​

Contact us and join

If you are interested in joining the Necosystem, please contact

and we will get back to you.

What will we ask you?

Here are some example questions on which we hope for clear views at the application stage:

1. Alignment with strategic objectives

Describe in 100 words, how does the project align with the ecosystem’s strategic objectives by addressing the following questions:

  • How does the project help to achieve NEcOLEAP’s objectives (see roadmap)?
  • Which part(s) of the shipbuilding value-chain does your project contribute to?
  • How does this project relate to Meyer Turku (if Meyer part of it)?
  • To which work cluster does the project belong to?

2. Contribution to climate

Tick the boxes accordingly, and briefly explain the rationale behind the answers:

3. Contribution to ecosystem

Describe in 100 words how the project outcome helps to improve the ecosystem and your own company’s capabilities and competitiveness:

  • How does the project outcome fulfill technology and capability gaps identified in the roadmap?
  • Does majority of the value-add happen in Finland, and IPR stay within Finnish firms?
  • How does this improve the competitiveness of the ecosystem globally?
  • How does the project outcome improve your own competitiveness and business potential?

4. Innovativeness of the solution

Describe in 100 words the innovativeness of the project by addressing the following questions:

  • How novel is the innovation?
  • Is the innovation transformative or incremental (building on top of existing solution)?
  • Is this project conducting basic or applied R&D?
  • Are there any alternative or competing solutions available?
  • Does this relate to any previous/ongoing R&D project?

5. Business potential

Describe in 100 words the business potential of the project by addressing the following questions:

  • What is the value creation logic of the proposed solution?
  • Who are the target customers for this solution?
  • How is this solution scalable (with this R&D, how replicable solution we can create)?
  • What is the potential market size for the solution (quantitative estimate)?
  • What would be the export potential, if any?

6. Project plan

Describe in 100 words the project plan by addressing the following questions:

  • What is the timeline and planned milestones (with deliverables) of the project?
  • How are roles and responsibilities divided within the participants?
  • What resources are needed from Meyer: Steco, human resources, financing (multiple choice question)
  • What facilities and physical or virtual tools will be needed for the project?
  • What is the estimated budget of the project? (range of keur)
  • How much investments are required from Meyer Turku, if any? (range of keur)

7. Company evaluation

  • Do you have any references for projects you have executed previously?