Meyer Turku aims to be a climate-neutral shipyard by the end of the decade

Press release 7.3.2024

We realize that responsibility is more than promises, and that’s why we’re putting the plan in motion. One step on the road to climate neutrality is reducing waste generated at the shipyard, and to streamline the waste collection and recycling process. That’s what our Circular Economy project is piloting right now.

The project is a sub-project of our Sustainable Shipyard project, which in turn is part of our green transition NEcOLEAP ecosystem.

With the Circular Economy project we are:
🗑️ Introducing mixed waste sorting stations
♻️ Improving recycling rates
🌳 Cutting down on generated waste and greenhouse gas emissions
🛠️ Improving sorting of waste in hotspot areas
🚛 Enhancing waste collection logistics

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