Green Transition Lab officially opened

Press release 7.3.2024

The opening event for Meyer Turku’s Green Transition Lab was held in high spirits in collaboration with our partner universities Turun yliopisto – University of TurkuAalto University and Åbo Akademi University

💡 Green Transition Lab acts as a shared workspace for the maritime cluster, industry and research, it will offer a place where universities and companies can collaborate to strengthen sustainable development.

🌿 We are actively working towards climate neutrality and developing sustainable solutions for the maritime cluster, to which the Green Transition Lab will play an important role in facilitating this collaboration.

🗨 During opening event we heard a panel discussion between Tim Meyer, CEO of Meyer Turku, Jani Romanoff from Aalto University, Jaakko Järvi from the University of Turku and Magnus Hellström from Åbo Akademi University. Green Transition Lab is part of Meyer Turku’s green transition NEcOLEAP project.

Thank you to all the attendees and panelists for making the opening event a success!

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